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Self-care is not selfish, it is service.

BodyInUnity Yoga School is so much more than just any yoga class. It is nourishment for your soul, mind and body. It is a metaphor and a ‘practice’ for life . . . a lifetime journey of exploration and transformation.

Everyone is welcome to come as you are and let go of all expectations, competition and judgment.

Yoga Etiquette

Physical & MEDICAL Issues

We all have our particular health concerns or issues, be it an old sports injury or a tender lower back. It is important to be very careful to listen to your body over any instructional cues. Teachers will do their best to tailor yoga poses to accommodate your needs, but this is limited based on number of participants. Always be your own advocate in any group setting.

Arrive EARLY

Please plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class start time. Doors will be locked at class start time.

If you have to LEAVE EARLY Please tell the teacher at the start of class, so we know you are not ill, and please DO NOT DISTURB the flow of class or quiet time.

Remove your SHOES

Yoga is practiced in bare feet only. Please leave your shoes, bags, and other belongings in the provided spaces in the reception area to keep our practice area as clutter-free as possible. Feel free to keep your socks on and remove them when you get to your mat.

Arrive Quietly — Share the space

Place your mat gently on the floor, gather your props and make yourself comfortable. Please DO NOT SLAP your mat when you unroll it! In larger classes, the mats may need to be positioned very close together. The teacher may move your mat to accommodate up to 24 students.

DRESS comfortably

Wear loose-fitting or nonrestrictive clothing and avoid accessories that could impede your movement.


Our practice space is a Cell-Phone-Free space. Please leave your mobile phone in your car if possible, but if you must bring it in, take care to silence it so that it doesn’t make ANY sound INCLUDING VIBRATION (airplane mode is useful). Thank you for doing your part to make our studio as free from distraction as possible, and a sanctuary for rest.


Others can be highly sensitive or allergic to scents, especially with deep breathing.

GUM is a No

Gum chewing interferes with proper breathing and is a choking hazard.

An EMPTY stomach

. . . will ensure you are more comfortable in class. Wait at least two hours after a meal or a half hour after a light snack or drink. Avoid sipping water during class, but drink plenty afterwards.


. . . and props can be borrowed for your first few classes. After that, we recommend you purchase your own mat. If you purchase a NEW mat, please let it air out at home for a week (outdoors is best) before bringing it into the studio to reduce off-gassing of chemicals around other students in a small space. Wiping it down with equal parts water/white vinegar will help to break it in (follow manufacturer’s instructions) — let dry in direct sunlight.


If you are experienced, feel free to progress/regress postures & movements to make your class your own. If you are new, take it as slowly as you like. The teacher will be teaching you how to progress/regress, but please be patient with the process. We can all be at different places and still share our experience. Cues are suggestions, not orders. Explore the appropriate expression of each posture for you and rest any time you need to.

Water bottles

Only SEALED water bottles allowed in practice space, but preferably be left in reception area to be consumed before or after practice. Nostril breathing does not dry you out like mouth breathing or intense exercise.

Participate in yoga ONLY under the care and consultation of a medical doctor and in conjunction with other holistic lifestyle changes.

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