In-Person Meditation Courses & Workshops

Private/Small Group Meditation & Breathwork Guidance

1 hour $75
45 min. $65
30 min. $55
15 min. $35 (phone or online only)

Outside of 10 mile radius from Oviedo, FL will incur upcharge.

Silent, Outdoor Yoga Retreats in Oviedo

Kristen, and her husband Dale, a 300 hour Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, lead a quarterly weekend Yoga Retreat at Canterbury Retreat & Conference Center. No yoga experience necessary. Let us help you go inside to what is most important to you … that which easily gets drowned out by noise, clutter & busyness . . . reconnect with God the Source by Grounding Your Roots thru mindfulness & silence. Allow the connection to Earth & Spirit to hold and heal your mind, body and soul. Mindful movement, Breathing practices, Meditation, Personal contemplation & prayer, Nature Immersion, delicious vegetarian meals, 8-full hours of sleep, invitation to sweet dreams coming true, so you can return home refreshed and renewed. Early-bird pricing until one month before the retreat $399+tax per person, $599+tax for 2 ppl in one room, ALL-INCLUSIVE.  Investment one month or less before retreat is $449+tax per person, or $649+tax for two people in one room. Space is limited to 15 ppl per retreat, Register Early. Next retreat posted on Calendar and Facebook

Postures & Beyond: Meditation & Pranayama Course

8-session Course. This Course includes posture practice, community building, and an introduction to various meditation & pranayama (life force hygiene) practices. You will get to experience a variety of physical movement, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices that you can use in your daily wellness choices.

Contemplating Sacred Texts

8-session Course. Includes Posture, Pranayama & Contemplation. Kristen will share with you personal insights and life application from her personal study and contemplation of sacred texts to help open you to a change in thinking (repentance) for a more compassionate relationship with yourself, God, and others.

Meditation Workshop

2-3 hour Workshop. This is a ‘sampler’ for you to experience some new tools to help you in your daily mindfullness practice. After a restorative posture and conscious breath practice, you will be introduced to the how & why of various techniques. You have about 5 minutes to practice each to see how it resonates with you. You can take some new tools home with you to use for emergencies as well as daily wellness.

Step 11 Workshop

2-3 hour Workshop. Step 11: “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood God, praying only for God’s will for us and the power to carry it out.” Kristen will share some ways of improving that conscious contact that have integrated all the Steps with the 11th Step, as it is a culmination of the practice of Steps one through 10,  one breath at a time.

Energy Clearing Mindful Movement Workshop

Let go and clear away the debris of your week with this energy balancing mindful movement flow that is accessible to everyone. Move and breath your way into inner connection, balance, peace & calm. Movements inspired by Taichi, QiGong Yoga and Free Spirit movement.

3SRB 3-Step Rhythmic Breathing Purification Workshop

2-3 hour Workshop. The breath is to our energy what soap is to our skin. Energetic toxins accumulate in our physical and energetic body that get in the way of our relationship with ourself, God and others. This quick, simple daily practice is a powerful way to connect with Divine presence & affirmations, while allow the breath to do the cleansing work to unveil your deepest loving essence as a living reality. 

Sacred Support Deep Listening Course/Workshop

Attention is a core skill of Yoga. It is something that can be developed. It provides safe spaces (along with confidentiality) for humans to share & connect in community without fear of judgement or condemnation. Sacred support is a way to connect intimately and identify deeply with others, trusting that we are all essentially well, but have our challenges. We trust in the Divine presence & wisdom within each of us to lead the way without having to offer advice or solutions.

Asana, Pranayama & Meditation Experience

2-hour immersive experience in 8-limbed Yoga practice, culminating in the opportunity to realize what you are NOT, what you are, and what’s truly important to you. Align with your highest self through this holistic awareness journey.

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