Online Compassionate Movement

Private 1-on-1 or Small Group Yoga Lessons & Coaching Online

1 hour $75
45 min. $65
30 min. $55
15 min. $35 (phone or online only)

Balancing Your Life from the Inside Out

Each week will focus on a different area of interior life from emotional security to creativity, perseverance, compassion, communication & intuition. The postures, breathwork and meditation will revolve around that life-energy center to clear the way for loving Divine will to flow through our lives. Kristen’s life work is about union with The Spirit for transformational rather than transactional living.

Postures & Beyond: the Niyamas Guidelines for Healthy Living

The Yamas & Niyamas are guidlines for happy, healthy, harmonius living. Each session will focus on one or more of the following Niyamas: Purification, Contentment, Self-Study, Self-Discipline, Surrender. You will become aware of these observances on and off your mat. Includes posture, pranayama, and meditation practices.

Postures & Beyond: Integrated Asana

Asana translates to “to be,” “to sit,” or “Posture.” Posture is how you “show up.” Withdrawn, protected, defensive, open, at ease, confident, calm. Each session focuses on the Integrations of all the holistic Limbs of yoga with physical stability & ease . . . building from the ground, up. Learn about bandhas (locks) that create focus and inward attention, as well as elements like drishti (single point of concentration). A well-balanced, integrated approach to posture practice.

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